Join our free Post Falls training!

Are you a carer, neighbour, friend or relative of somebody who may be at risk of falling?

Would you like to develop confidence about the best way to respond to and care for somebody after a fall? 

For more information, contact Dawn Eckhart: / 01392 248919

Join our free Cyber Security training!

Do you and yours feel safe online?

You are invited to attend a Community Unity Cyber Security Training Course on 24th September from 10am-1pm at Lynton and Lynmouth United Reform Church

During the course you will gain knowledge on online threats including:

– Overview of cybercrime at a local and national level 

– Types of cybercrime 

– Social engineering – to include phishing, vishing and smishing 

– Your online footprint – information online about you which criminals can potentially exploit 

– Identifying phishing emails

– Computer Service Fraud (fake Microsoft/BT etc calls) – we are continually seeing large numbers of victims falling for this each month, especially those in the over 60’s age bracket

– Dating and romance fraud (including sextortion) – crimes that victims often feel to embarrassed to report

– Invoice redirection fraud and CEO spoofing

– Ransomware

– Password security – how to construct strong passwords 

– Data protection and the introduction to GDPR

– Information and resources – where to get advice and help

– Action Fraud – what do you do if you are a victim of cybercrime/fraud, where and how to report?

For more information, contact Dawn Eckhart: / 01392 248919

Book your free place here.

Ideas Factory

This event took place at The Town Hall on Thursday 12th October 2017, 6pm – 8.30pm.

It was well attended and gave participants from community groups, local organisations, and connectors in the town an opportunity to discuss new ideas. The Outcomes from the exercises have been collated and can be read in the PDF document available via the link button.

We are now working with all interested parties to move forward with the ideas and issues raised. If you would like to participate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping is an exercise carried out with the support of the local community. It is designed to uncover unknown groups, activities, assets and opportunities across the community. Using the findings to make new links, networks and recommendations for development opportunities and activities.

The map below represents the findings of an exercise carried out at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday 5th August 2017.

We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed on the day, or as part of the wider project activities.

This is YOUR town map. It is as accurate as YOU help to make it. Please help us to help you. To add, edit or improve the accuracy of the information on the map, please get in touch via the form on the Contact page.

Thank you.

How to use the map

Click on a pin to pop open the contacts info window. Click on the top left icon to open the explorer sidebar to see how the pins are grouped. Expand the groups to see individual contacts. Click them to cause the map pin to highlight.

Getting Involved

For more information or to join any of the groups listed on the map above, simply contact them direct.

Visit the Get Involved page of this site to learn more about other opportunities.

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